1. The customer is responsible for the equipment & liability from its use from the time of collection /delivery, until return

2. Breakages or losses will be charges at full replacement cost (no substitutes accepted)

3. Payment due in full on receipt of goods

4. Cheques only accepted within bankcard limit. Larger cheque amounts payable 7 days in advance.

5. No responsibility accepted for injury or damage caused by use of the equipment

6. Delivery is to ground floor entrance with vehicular access.

7. 2 forms of identification showing permanent addresss of hirer will be required

8. A deposit of up to £100.00 may be required against breakages

9. All bookings must be confirmed in writing.

10. Goods returned late will be charged at 50% above daily rate

11. No VAT payable

12. Items returned dirty subject to wash up cleaning charge of 30% of hire charge

13. Table setting service available, provided all table setting hired from us 25% of Hire Charge

14. Period of hire 1 day : delivery day before return day after. Friday to Monday counts as one day

15. 1 week hire charged at twice daily rate. 2 weeks hire charged at 3x daily rate